Little Conversations

Just when he thought he couldn’t possibly love her anymore, this happened during their conversation…

She – Thank You

He – Anytime 🙂

She – I Know ❤


First Date

One beautiful night, they were walking down the street, holding their hands together when it suddenly started raining. They rushed to the nearby bus stand, hoping they could overcome the heavy rain, but nature had other plans for them. By the time they found shelter under the old bus stand, they were fully drenched and water was dripping from their clothes.
A flash of lightning came and she hugged him tightly,out of fear. He looked at her and was dumbstruck, for she had never looked more beautiful to him. A few moments later, rain calmed down to drizzle and they started walking towards her house. None of them uttered a word, enjoying the beautiful silence and the gentle breeze.
They reached outside her home and had the most intimate yet beautiful kiss of their life ever. He broke the kiss, bid her goodbye and turned around to move to his house, hoping for an even greater second date. His hopes were fulfilled in an even greater manner, as she held his hand and asked him to come inside. Their first date wasn’t over yet 😉

Was it Love ??

Part 1

WOW !!! He exclaimed. Just the thought of celebrating holi with her sent chills down his spine. This was his first holi with her and just the second time he was gonna be with her for a long time. Though blessed with a common friend circle, their direct talks were limited to just ‘hi’, ’hello’s and asking each other how they were, unlike last time. The last time was when their whole group went to a night club and were figuring out who to go with as a couple for cheaper entry. Amidst all this, she came and stood near him and asked if he would like to go with her. Ofcourse he wanted to too, but he was just scared to ask her for the fear of rejection. His happiness knew no bounds when his ears heard those words which were soon followed by his best friend hitting him with his elbow to reply something. He got back to his senses and replied an excited yes, later realizing his excitement sounded kind of desperate. After getting the entry as a couple, all he could think about was that he was gonna dance with her, the girl whom he was crushing over since the last few months.

All the previous times he was with her, he only used to look at her when she wasn’t looking, observing her beautiful smile, her soft cheeks and the best thing about her was the way she used to flick her hair whenever some of it came in the front. All his friends knew he liked her and even encouraged him to talk to her but he was shy or if I use a better word, he was scared. Maybe it was due to her eminent and cheerful personality, he used to think that he was nothing in front of her and that she was way out of his league. Yet his friends were persistent and occasionally came up with topics, which both of them had an interest in which was a hard task for them too, as they were completely different personalities. She was an extrovert, chilled out girl who used to be the heart of the group and would laugh at even the pettiest jokes. He, on the other side was a complete introvert, not much talks and extremely shy.

But this time, it was different. Going inside a club, as a couple and that too with your crush is like the highest morale booster a guy can experience. As they were walking to the bar, she held his hand with hers. This came as a sweet shock for him and he looked at her as she smiled shyly. Was this really happening ?? Is she also into me ?? and a thousand other questions started running through his mind simultaneously. Back at the bar, where they all were drinking, he was having jitters as he didn’t know how to ask her for a dance. His friends were giving him numerous ideas but to their dismay, he kept turning them all down. A while later, his nervousness was tackled by the three pegs of scotch he had and on seeing all his friends on the dance floor, he couldn’t help but ask her if she wanted to dance with him. ‘I was waiting when you would ask me duffer’ was her reply as she got off the sofa and dragged him along with herself in the eagerness to dance. He couldn’t stop thanking god enough for this day that he would cherish for the rest of his life. The DJ too got in the groove as his songs matched the favorite ones in her playlist. She was looking too hot to handle, grooving in her own rhythm. Soon, the party was about to get over as the DJ announced it was the last song of tonight and to his luck, it was a romantic one. He had been waiting for such a song since the start of the night and he finally got it. She held his hand with hers and put it on her waist and came closer to him, not giving a damn about the other friends. He too seemed to enjoy her boldness and went ahead with her flow for the next five minutes. He wished the song wouldn’t end but sadly, it did and they had to get off the dance floor. His friends too couldn’t help but hit him with their elbows, wink at him and even took him at a corner and asked how this all happened. But his condition was no different than theirs, having not a clue about how this happened and thinking whether she also liked him or it was just alcohol taking its toll on her.

When it was time to part ways, he had a strong urge to talk to her one final time before the night ended as this day might not come again. He went near her and just started walking along, not saying anything. She understood this and started a conversation. He expressed how he was feeling at that time and was waiting for her to reply back, but she didn’t utter a word. He realized his mistake and immediately felt sorry and said it was the alcohol talking and not him. Hearing these words, she immediately turned towards him and kissed him on the cheek and uttered softly in his ears ‘You shouldn’t be sorry for this’. He was dumbstruck, didn’t know what to do so he just continued walking. Finally, her home came and they had to part ways against their will.

Later that night, he couldn’t sleep. All of tonight’s memories kept replaying in his mind as his whatsapp inbox started getting flooded with messages of his friends asking him what happened. He just kept reading them, not replying and kept thinking about her again. The large smile on his face didn’t fade a bit. Infact, she was now starting to mean the world to him. He could still feel the warmth of her hands, her soft lips and her touch. All of it was making him mad for her. Was it love or just a mere attraction ?? He would find out soon as they were going to meet again a couple of days later.

Grass is always greener on the other side

​He knew he was in trouble when he checked out another girl in front of her.

Grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t it ?? She asked sarcastically.

Not knowing what to say, he fumbled as she stood from her seat. 

‘Yes’ , was his reply.

Her eyes lit up.

But I’d still pick my flower over anyone else’s grass anyday, he continued as she felt like love just struck her for the second time.


2 years into their relationship and he was still wondering what to get her as a gift

Archie’s: A girl loves teddies

Flipkart: I know about her fav.dress

Rose: Old school always works

Cadbury: She won’t get fat

Diamond: Take it to the next level

But somewhere amidst all this, all her heart wanted was a tight hug,away from all the materialism and a large chunk of his time.

Hidden Love

He liked solving puzzles, finding missing and hidden words in newspaper puzzles.

Years of regular practice and he was a master in this art.

Yet somehow, her constant hints remained the only unsolved puzzle as he failed in finding the love she had for him inside her heart.